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About Me

Hello, my name is Hyo Jin Cho and I am 21 years old. 
I'm a sophomore in BUFS, majoring in English.
Now I'm living in alone where is near our school. My hometown is Gumi.
Gumi is famous city related in industrial complex.
I like playing violin
I've been playing violin since I was 12 years old. After I hated playing piano, my interest in playing violin has increased. Method of musical performance differ from keyboard music. When I opened a violin case, I felt fresh. That time is still fresh in my memory. Put pine resin on a bow also. I'm careful while playing violin string. These day I felt afraid about tuning because the expansion of the strings depending on the weather.
I go to practice violin every Tuesday unless something special happens. Next month I will playing in a concert.

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ReviseㅡㅡㅡRobots and humans living 2050

Robots and humans living in 2050


20160100 Hyo Jin Cho


Are people satisfied with their current technology or wanted they to have more progress?

They don’t satisfy and want to live comfortably to the end to fill comfortable, we must create new ideas.

When we develop technology, many things will be change and bring usability to life in 2050.

Among the recent issue which robot and human’s relationship will receive attention.

In 2016, the Korean 'go' players Se Dol Iee and AlphaGo matches brought about an issue of artificial intelligence in the future.

Through competition between robot versed human’s race and movie Her, is expected to increase communication with artificial intelligence.

In 2050 year, robot and humans’ love will be approach.


In modern society, sns was developed and communicated with emotions through cyber space.        

Through various meaning people can share feeling and love.

As a movie ‘Her’, loving with artificial intelligence is also a communication with operating system.

The way to love is to be free.

The main character in movie felt lonely despite having a job of conveying the heart of others.

Through the artificial intelligence system, he overcame his lonely life.

He regained his happiness through his artificial intelligence operating system, which listen carefully and understand.

Communication is possible even though it is not in same place.

While communicating with artificial intelligence they can feel emotions but they can’t see.

They can feel happy about feeling time.

There is an example of love that is far away.

Those who love overseas are listening to voice through their phone.


Another thing is expected to be emerging is flying shoes.

When we move to places, we use the means of transportation.

In the future we will put on the shoes, that is appeared in cartoon atom.

That shoes is a way spray gas injection jet.

Above the shoes appeared to block the heat to burn the intense heat technology development is important.

Technology is need. Acceleration sensor is that can be balance in the air.

Finally the gap between the rich and the poor is the same problem.

Welfare policy is better than now also people will be competing.

In adaptation knowledge is necessary to bring new ideas and to work out.

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poster script

One Direction

Do you know One Direction? As you can see on the poster, they have the biggest fan in British idol band. It is the first band to reach number1 in the Billboard history album for the first time. And they won the best artist award including the Brit-Awards, MTV-Europe-music-award and teen choice awards. This idol band formed through the British representative audition program called X-FACTOR. First they participated in a competition individual but they merged into a group by jury judge. As popular as called 5 Justin beiber their popularity are high. Sony Executive Director Nikgapild described One Direction as a business empire worth $50 million. Can you guess their popularity?

Next I will explain One Direction members. Neil Horan is a member of the band whose voice is seemingly neutral and Louis Tomlision is the leader of the band. Liam Payne is an impressive young man. Harry Style is curly blond hair whose hair is absolutely unbreakable. Zayn Malik withdrew from March 2015 and the reason why he was tired of busy schedule. They were busy and moved here and there. So they didn’t have individual time.

Below the poster there are 4 of album.

One thing is that the members are the most youthful and handsome. In music video we can feel the atmosphere of London. They took 2nd floor bus then showed BigBen, London Eye and ST Paul’s cathedral.

Live while we’re young is a brighter mood, they wore colorful clothes and lyrics and the title also bright. You can feel the vitality 20 years old.

Right now is the song that Korean listened to on TV. That song came out Maxim top commercial advertising.

The Best Song Ever sing is a song that tells the story of woman someone like her.

Especially music video is impressive, played a role of two singers and played a role. It is more fun to decorate comically.

If you have a chance, listen to songs One Direction.

English education

English education

“Parents read English novels together their children. Children will improve creativity and imagination” by Yun Hye yeon is a news from the Joongang(January,31th,2017). People talk child English education that nurturing global talent. Yet language range of usage change depending on the teaching method. Advanced skills teacher Louise Sorel who works British Council children Language Institute chose six keywords. The six keywords are leadership, critical thought ability, creativity, imagination, problem solving ability and citizenship. There is a child who read an English book well but does not speak in front of him. The other who speaks good but does not write. Even if someone learn English hard whose childhood, he will has one or two vulnerable parts. How do we communicate like a TV speaker? The most important is to evenly the listening, speaking, reading and writing areas. Next, there are evenly developing speaking, listening, reading, and writing. First, core ability is creativity and imagination. He develops exuberant imagination and unique creativity to practice it is effective young age. To read an English book with children then imagine the following. Talking that question, “If I were a hero, what should I do?” or writing behind story. So then the child can demonstrate him creativity and imagination. People recommend reading a book which is him favorite subject in English. Novels better than containing information book. Another, it is important to have problem solving skills. One of the first things to teach in a foreign elementary school is to find problems and find solutions in writing. To think critically and to judge ability the child can cope wisely when a new situation. For preschool children appropriate making English puzzles. To ask about the conflict structure and solutions in English books that appropriate for elementary school students. At this time, use why and how. Still another is core competence leadership. Students who are in elementary English program at British Council Korea Primary Plus activity group project. Everyone can take a role leadership when start a new project. Having a citizenship that also important. In the future all over the world will connect to the internet. A lot of people will work various people they get society cultural backgrounds.

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Chef LeeYeonBok
First, introuduce 'kuggadaepyo' that showed JTBC program in Korea. The 'kuggadaepyo' teams came face to face and fought in particular  counrty. It's interesting challenge. Lee Yeon Bok is famous in Korea about Chineses food chef. So he and Chiness chef  Puhaiyong had a fiery show dowm. Puhaiyong  has been cooking for 23years. He also has 6 restaurnts, he all manage restaurants.
Contest subject was Chinese food. Many people thought Puhaiyong Chinese chef is in a more advantageous postion than LeeYeonBok, korean chef. Two chef given equal opportunities same food ingredients. Same food ingredients was tofu. They conducted psychological warfare.
Korean chef, Lee Yeon Bok made tofu food that was place in chopped tofu between the eggplant then fry. Put Korean-style tofu sauce on the eggplant.Chinese chef, Puhaiyong made mushroom soup add fried tofu.
Judgement member didn't know whose food. They voted. They said, we voted Chinese chef! All votes was same food. The food that received all the votes was Korean chef food. All the judges were amazing.Chinese chef was confident that he would win.
I am proud of the Korean chef Lee Yeon Bok.

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Photo description

Class: ENG260-02

20160100 조효진

1.     Objectively describing

<Former Hokkaido Government Office Building>

This photo is taken in Hokkaido with my friend last December.

Hokkaido is the only region in Japan that belongs to the humid continental climate.

The photo is Sapporo which is located in Hokkaido.

Sapporo is a center of commerce that connects Hokkaido and Honshu.

In March snow piled up everywhere and summer is the shortest of 4seasons.

There are many tourist attractions including spa but annual Sapporo snow festival is the most famous.

Asian Winter Games was proceeed in Sapporo on 19th February 2017

This building is Former Hokkaido Government office.

Above in the photo, the building is made of red brick which is a form of Neo Byzantin style.

They are displaying and preserving Hokkaido’s relations with the Hokkaido republic.

Top of the building with 8 corners top is modeled on 8 corner top.

And if someone visit during cold weather there is a lot of snow you can see snow and icicle falling scene easily.

It is dangerous when snow and icicle fall down. They are unpredictable.

When snow falls heavily, Hokkaido City Hall’s light blends with the lightness that are beautiful.


2.     Subjectively describing

<E-world that is amusement park>

In photo they did not see face and looked back that my friends and I went to the amusement park.

The amusement park is located in Daegu.

We look like mischievous girls

Person on the left is Won Ju, center person is me, the right person is Hye Jin.

We met in college.

They are friends who keep their minds together and dote on each other.

I was afraid, so I could not ride rides but I was able to ride because I was with my friends.

Boomerang is a ride that climbs up and falls back.

When I was stand in front of Boomerang that looked hideous.

When I first got in I was nervous and did not feel fun but I felt fun 3rd track.

On 3rd track I set on front seat.

I frequently visit amusement park in Daegu but it was a new feeling to come with my college friends.

We took a lot of pictures and in the evening firework festival was held.

The night was filled with colorful lights.

It was dark the atmosphere was different.

Time passed quickly.

3. Subjectively describing


<My younger brother>

This is my beloved younger brother BumJin.

There is 12 years of us between age a difference

I heard my mother’s pregnancy and I cried a lot.

At that time, I was the youngest child in my family so I hate when the youngest was taken away.

I was feeling new because it was the second, not the youngest.

My brother was born, I was given the responsibility of sister.
In photo, the weather was good so I went to the playground to go to the football with him.
During a few days, I felt he became taller and stronger.

I always he looks like a baby. When he plays soccer he looks like an scallywag elementary school student .

It was amazing to watch the child’s growth process.

I cannot see my brother every day because I live in Busan alone.




About Me

  Hello, my name is Hyo Jin Cho and I am 21 years old.  I'm a sophomore in BUFS, majoring in English. Now I'm living in alone...